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" My firm has been working with Alpha Medical Consultancy for some time, and I have no hesitation in recommending them to law firms. They are very professional in their approach, yet provide a very flexible and personalised service. Appointme "


David K Hopkins

( Head of Litigation , Eden and Co Solicitors )


Our 5 core values are as follows:

a)  We have a very simple, yet comprehensive approach to business. We believe that our clients’ satisfaction is the prime contributor to our success. Therefore our operations, services and staff training revolve around this philosophy. Our approach has helped AMC experience rapid growth while ensuring highest standards of quality.

b) AMC operates a strict confidentiality policy that protects Claimant and Law firm’s information. Specific care is taken when handling claimant’s medical records such as X-Rays, CT Scan and MRI scan.

c) We believe in ‘respect’ to our clients, employees and other stakeholders. This ensures that we treat all of our stakeholders in a fair and dignified manner.

d) AMC is an environment friendly business. It adjusts its business practices to reduce its carbon footprint. We make sure that clients travel least amount of miles by arranging clinics locally. Our extensive use of advanced software and electronic communication also helps us to reduce use of paper.

e) AMC has the humility and passion to learn and improve. Our pursuit of highest level of client satisfaction has allowed us to be open to new ideas and better ways of getting things done.