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" We have been using Alpha Medical Consultancy for a number of years. We have always found them both helpful and efficient. Using AMC has always helped us to speed up the claim process, for the benefit of the client, partner business and us. "


Julie Twist

( Partner , Coyne Learmonth Solicitors )


The qualified medical experts on our panel receive further training to allow them to produce premium quality reports. Industry experts are called in to develop and nourish best practices and consultancies such as ‘Bond Saloon’* are asked to provide training to medical staff on legal writing.
Our training programme is not limited to medical experts. ‘Operations’ staff also receives training from in-house managers and from training companies.
We believe that investment in our staff is investment in AMC’s future. Staff’s improved skills, performance and motivation benefit all of our stakeholders. All of these measures manifest our commitment to exceed client’s expectation. 

*Bond Saloon provides training and qualifications on legal writing and is affiliated with Cardiff University.