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" We have been using Alpha Medical Consultancy for a number of years. We have always found them both helpful and efficient. Using AMC has always helped us to speed up the claim process, for the benefit of the client, partner business and us. "


Julie Twist

( Partner , Coyne Learmonth Solicitors )

Medico-Legal Reporting

Service Pledge

AMC pledge to the law firm is:

  • To arrange the claimant’s appointment. (Domiciliary examinations can be arranged for claimant’s who due to unavoidable circumstances are unable to attend the medical expert’s consulting rooms.)
  • Liaise with the claimant to arrange a convenient time for an appointment and inform of any changes or cancellation to an agreed date.
  • Prepare a report of the personal injuries the claimant asserts were suffered or other such reasonable request received from the client within: 2 weeks of client being seen by the medical expert.
  • Informing the law firm of any delay in preparing the report such as, caused by delay in receiving GP or hospital records.
  • Answering any queries relating to reports in a prompt manner.
  • Contacting the claimant by text messages, voicemail or telephone, 24-48 hours prior to their appointment to ensure attendance. Non-attendance of appointments is one of the most common causes of delay in processing claims.

Meeting your needs

Write off Provisions
If the law firm is experiencing difficulty in recovering a fee, or a DNA (did not attend) charge, the company will take a commercial view and look towards assisting the law firm with a case by case write off provision if possible at all.

In order to continue to fulfil our high standard of service AMC welcomes any balanced and objective feedback on its performance from its claimants and law firms.

Quality Assurance
A senior member of staff conducts a weekly review of a large sample of randomly selected reports. Each case is scrutinised for the completeness of file record, quality and deliverance of service, compliance with the requests of the client and the completeness of system records. Any shortcoming is indentified and corrected immediately. The outcome of these checks is documented and discussed in the monthly board meeting. In light of this meeting and feedback provided by our clients’ essential steps are then taken to constantly improve the services provided.